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3 Free Music Production Plugins (July 2022)

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I love freebies, and I know you do too ☺️. So without wasting any time let's get down to some of my favourite free plugins for the month of July, 2022.

1). Novation V-Station & Bass Station

In last few months, a lot of companies have decided to drop laid off or legacy plugins as free downloads. And since Novation has discontinued the V-Station and Bass Station Synth plugins, they are now available as a free download for both Mac & Windows. The V-Station runs an 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer plugin which uses 3 oscillators from the K-Station hardware Synthesizer. Offering multiple waveforms, FM as well as ring modulations. These are followed by a rich filter and an adaptable Novation effects section. The effects include reverb, chorus, phaser, delay, panning, distortion, and EQ. The V-Station plugin contains 200 factory presets and 400 available user programs.

The second plugin, Bass Station, is a recreation of the classic Bass Station analog Synthesizer from the year 93. Its engine has been carefully modeled to maintain the distinct character of the legendary original unit. It features 2 oscillators with sawtooth and square waveforms, oscillator sync, and a classic ladder filter with 12/24 dB lowpass characteristics. On the modulation side, you get easily routable LFOs for parameter modulations (PWM, filter cutoff…) as well as an ADSR envelope. The filter has its own filter envelope with its own set of ADSR controls. Further, Bass Station plugin ships with 100 new sounds from warm deep basses to screaming leads. Both plugins are nice virtual instruments with good feature sets. If you are looking for the classic Novation sound, you get the opportunity to use it in your DAW for free.

Click Here to Visit Novation Legacy Software page.

2). BLEASS Monolit

Bless Monolit Free Plugin

BLEASS Monolit combines the rich analogue sound and intuitive ease-of-use of BLEASS Alpha with the creative expressiveness of BLEASS Omega. The result is a compact, efficient, mono-synth tailor-made for creating thunderous basses, searing leads, sparkling arpeggios and other-worldly SFX.

The instrument’s interface is straightforward with easy to use graphic controls and faders that feel precise whether you are using touch screen or mouse. If you need some extra sonic inspiration, BLEASS Monolit includes a dice button that generates new values for all the synth’s settings, but does so in a way that’s carefully tuned to create useable yet unique sounds. And of course, as with all BLEASS products, Monolit comes with a library of factory presets packed with a wide variety of different sounds, with additional sound packs also available produced by BLEASS’ network of talented sound designers.

Download BLEASS Monolit Here

3). TAPE PIANO from Spitfire Labs

Tape Piano Spitfire Labs

Tape Piano by Spitfire Labs is a modern upright piano processed with vintage tape machines for that coveted lo-fi piano sound. Featuring tape loops, echoes, and even a magnetic card reader, use the variation slider to move from warm and wobbly to gritty and unpredictable. I'll be using this very soon on a new lo-fi track.

Download Tape Piano

Hope these help, keep creating the music you love and I'll see you in the next one!