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[FREE BEATS] Number one question asked to me on Social Media 😐

Rapper and producer discussing about free beats

Welcome CxmoGxng

This is the number one question I get asked everywhere online...

Hey Can I use your beat for free?

And my answer is and will always be a big NO!

Why say no you may ask? Right! Well because of following reasons:

1. I own FL Studio which I bought for $300.

2. I make beats on a MAC computer which costed me $800. (Needs an upgrade after every 2+ years)

3. My studio runs from a rented place which costs me $70 per month.

4. My Studio's monthly electricity, water and internet bill turns up to $50.

5. My beat selling platforms runs for $120 per month.

6. I spend a lot of my time in creating a beat, creating graphics for the beat, making beat videos to upload on YouTube/Shorts, Instagram/Reels/Facebook, Beat selling platforms, Content ID systems and a lot of other places.

I hope this makes sense to you that making beats and running a studio is an expensive task and not to mention the unexpected stress levels that you get on a daily basis to stay ahead of your competition. This is why I prefer not to give out free beats which I make myself so passionately and continuously keep sending out copyright strikes to those who I find violating terms.

Image if Mercedes gave away free cars or Gucci gave away free t-shirts, would they still be a bankable brand? No, Right?

Yes, I use FREE next to every beat that I upload on YouTube as that is a plain marketing strategy, it helps me rank videos in YouTube Search, it attracts more visitors to my YT channel and it makes me meet new people. All my free beats are meant for non-commercial purposes, meaning you cannot put them up online for sale or on streaming websites but you can record and create your song ideas, demos, dummies, scratches etc. And once you are seriously ready to release a song/album with any of my beats, buy an appropriate license from the link given in the description of my YouTube beats' video.

The benefits of buying a beat license include:

  1. Zero copyright strikes/complaints on your social media/streaming platforms.
  2. No legal issues or law notices.
  3. Investing in your art gives you a feel-good positive vibe without any headaches.

Rappers can come up with a whole lot of excuses in the world, but factually, none of them matter to me. If a Rapper keeps pushing me for free beats, I ask them if they ask for free food at a restaurant, or free t-shirts at the shopping mall. I think their answer will be "NO!". Rappers need to understand that I am running a beat-making business and can't be giving away free products. I have worked very hard to research all the hardware and software I need for my studio, plus I have spent a lot of time learning how my equipment works. What about the long hours spent in the studio honing my craft? That's important too, Right? So to all the rappers out there that are looking for free beats --- please don't. If you're just looking for beats so you can put together a mixtape to play to your friends, you're wasting everyone's time. Either buy a lease or get out the way.

Feel Free to catch up with me on Instagram as I am much more active on there.

Instead of asking for Free Beats, if Rappers asked for a Discount, Producer-Verse would be a different place!

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