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4 tips for music marketing
Music Marketing 101 - 4 Quick Tips To Market Your Music Effectively
WELCOME CXMOGXNGDo you wonder how to get started with music marketing?Well I used to do it too, through some research I found out how easy it is to promote your art in the age of social media and internet. Performing at shows and selling merch is alr...
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producers give away free beats or not
[FREE BEATS] Number one question asked to me on Social Media 😐
Welcome CxmoGxngThis is the number one question I get asked everywhere online...Hey Can I use your beat for free?And my answer is and will always be a big NO!Why say no you may ask? Right! Well because of following reasons:1. I own FL Studio which I ...
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6 Things A Rapper Needs To Know RN!
Recently I stumbled upon an article that inspired me to write this piece and share this new found knowledge. Some of you might know this and some might be enlightened by this new found knowledge :)Here are six things rappers need to know!Sync Licensi...
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